Helen Gilson


Helen Gilson

Proud follower of Jesus Christ. Activist volunteer in the Libertarian Party of Ohio. #LessGovernment #MoreFreedom #VoteThirdParty

Travis Groo

Vice Chair

Travis Groo

Jesus before politics. After that, it’s about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Don’t tread on anyone. #VoteGold


Victor Hinojosa

The very foundation of everything I do starts with the one who conquered death and freed me from sin.  Jesus Christ and Liberty, all the way! I am also a liberty activist for the Libertarian Party of Texas. #VoteGold


Patrick Fitzsimmons

Libertarian, enthusiastically pragmatic, choosing to be guided in the practice of my free will through my personal relationship with Christ, and desirous of the natural rights he has provided to all.