Armstrong Chair of Christian Liberty Caucus


May 30, 2020

SEQUIM, Washington – Ken Armstrong (L), recent candidate for President of the United States of America, announces he was asked to serve as Chair of the Christian Liberty Caucus of the Libertarian Party. Armstrong states “With deep respect for individual liberties as well as a solemn commitment to the doctrine of separation of church and state, I am very happy to accept that position.”

As Chair of CLCLP, he states he has three goals for our Caucus:

1. Create a place of dialog and personal growth for those of us in the Libertarian Party who hold to Christian faith.

2. Create a resource within the Libertarian Party for those party members, Christian or not, who want to understand how to connect with people who hold to Christian faith on matters of importance to the Libertarian Party.

3. Create a safe landing place for Christians outside the Libertarian Party, who either want to communicate about matters relating to their faith, or who might be considering whether membership in the Libertarian Party is compatible with their beliefs.

CLCLP is not a church, nor are we trying to be one. Though we are free to talk about our faith and explore its meaning in our lives, we are not attached to any denomination. Any member of the Libertarian Party is welcome to join the Caucus based solely on their own expression of Christian faith.

“Because I am a Libertarian, and because I believe faith is a matter of freedom, CLCLP won’t tax its members. Dues will be completely voluntary. Any funds we collect will be used administratively for the good and growth of the Libertarian Party and the Caucus.”

Ken has worked in Christian ministry in Mexico, serving both U.S./Canadian expats and local Mexican families, including members of villages in very deep poverty in Chapala, Mexico.

He has served as a pastor or teacher for most of his adult life.  He has served as CEO of Hawaii Habitat for Humanity. He has been a volunteer chaplain in a hospital, a skilled nursing, and an assisted living facility. In those roles, as well as pastoring traditional and non-traditional congregations, he states he has “performed more weddings, celebrations of life, and counseling sessions than I can count.”

Ken Armstrong, Chair Christian Liberty Caucus of the Libertarian Party

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