Our Mission

“Seeing the Libertarian Party through the eyes of Jesus and helping the Libertarian Party see Christ in Christians.”

What We Believe

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.” (Galatians 5:1)

  • We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord of the universe.
  • We believe that God has created each person with free will.
  • We believe government has no right to infringe upon that liberty.
  • We believe the only purpose of government, where it exists, is to protect the liberty of its citizens.


Ken Armstrong

In 2019, Ken Armstrong mounted a primary campaign for President of the United States. He and Dawn, as well as their friend Earl and Duke the Wonder Dog, spent a year on the road, visiting 47 states and covering some 51,000 miles of highway.

Ken is widely known for his elected and appointed government positions, as well as his work with organizations like Hawaii Habitat for Humanity.

Perhaps less known is that Ken has spent the majority of his life in Christian ministry, as well. He preached his first “official” sermon when he was just nineteen years old, as an elder of a nondenominational congregation on the Alaskan Pipeline, some 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Since then, Ken has served as elder, pastor, and counselor in a number of congregations in the United States and Mexico. He has served as a pastor within two major denominations, and in several nondenominational fellowships. For six years in Oregon, Ken served as a senior hospital chaplain, with responsibilities in ICU and the emergency department.


Helen Gilson

Proud follower of Jesus Christ.  Activist volunteer in the Libertarian Party of Ohio. #LessGovernment #MoreFreedom #VoteThirdParty


Victor Hinojosa of Texas

Travis Groo


Travis Groo – North Carolina